2020 Art Of The African Diaspora Award Winners

Tiffany Conway

Moving through the world as a Black Woman
“Young Elder”
Acrylic Painting

Art has provided me with the tools to communicate in a way that I was not able to do before. Art allows me to retreat, restore and express all that I have learned from moving through the world as a Black woman.
I focus on the transmutation from grief to beauty. And create a dialog with myself through painting. My highest interest is in using color as a language for emotions.
My overall vision is to create art that
empowers vulnerability through softness.


Fan Lee Warren

Mixed Media

Fan Lee Warren is a contemporary African American Artist. She lives, works, and teaches drawing, painting, and Art History at Laney Community College in Oakland, CA. Born in Birmingham, AL. and raised in Chicago, Warren’s Art explores various perceptions of Black American culture and its reflected historical construct.

Figures are arranged within layered fragments of ancient memories and events, composed into visual narratives, always questioning societal views. Her Art depicts information simultaneously from the past and present. To convey time and tension, Warren stresses the surface of the paper using fire, earth, and herbs. Images are then drawn, printed, and painted with Acrylics, Watercolor, Ink, Pastels, Charcoal, and Pigments. They are displayed in antiqued colonial frames. The ancient universal spiral provides the transformative symbolism that connects her current and past work with her ancestral memories. Each loop of the spiral brings one back to the same place, in timeless movement and flow.

Val Kai

documenting an event of Black Life and Community
“Melanated Star Chile Meets The Little Prince”
Color Photo

Being exposed early to Art and the Art world is how I started. I realized I had serious creative energy. First I began studying Music then Dance and Painting. But along with those endeavors was a camera. My camera was present (from high school on). Ever present and slowly it became my main vehicle of expression.

Capturing the moment, preserving, documenting events of history and reference, is my artistic vision, in particular Black Life and Community. all the many facets of my Art, present a world of images. This is my world where I create, share, and grow.